Before I knew about this cleaner, I used White generic vinegar with newspaper on our windows, mirrors in our house and vehicles.

TandA homes here, to share a product made in the USA.  It is a white vinegar that is very helpful around the house. I especially love having my coffee pots and microwave cleaned with it but to save some cash, you could try a generic brand. Shine Vinegar helps to remove hard water spots, lime, and mildew easier. We now learned that we can use it for stains, rust, and mildew on our tile floors. I have also learned that it can reduce fruit flies in the house…..Yay. We use it to clean the pipes for our air conditioner in the house also to reduce bad smells.

We have also wanted to test its claim that it also helps frost prevention on wind shields. The reason we haven’t been able to test it is because I haven’t seen much snow in the central/southern part of the USA much. So, if you get the chance to test it for that, please write back and let me know.

We also can use it on our automotive cleaning, and on our boats, but haven’t got that far on our boat with it yet.