Portugal is said to be one of the safest counties in our world, tax-free and with the lowest of living costs with exceptional health care.

It is located in western Europe, on the border of Spain. It is known for its Belem Tower, castles, museums, and other architectural buildings built way before our time that has been reconstructed and restored for their natural beauty. It is a fact that they have 23 top-rated tourist attractions in their capital city of Lisbon.

Algarve is the beach region that can deliver a relaxing retirement life, with fishing villages and laid-back, refreshing atmosphere, and warm weather. Once you are there, you would be able to see why the travelers love it. Their national dishes are grilled sardines and Salt Cod.

See, everything you can, including Spain with an extended stay and you won’t regret a minute of it. They have lots of history and cultures for us to learn about. So, enjoy it while you still can if you haven’t already. It’s still on my bucket list.