Are you curious or adventurous about dreaming of traveling? We have been searching the globe with a lot of reading to do but have hopes to live more in the future. We would love to see more of our world before God calls us to paradise, places that we haven’t seen before.

Working our whole lives from 9 to 5 has us hoping for a more exclusive travel experience. Whether we drive, take a boat, train, or fly to unknown pastures is still a dream. We have been told that we can find an inexpensive trip to just about anywhere in the world right now. We have read that some of the places that we have read about have lots of amenities.

Cambodia was one place in Southeast Asia that seems to be a good place to check out for at least a visit or retirement. If you are like us and on a tight budget, a visit might be nice for a start. We love the sandy beaches and fishing (of course). It reads that it is a nice place to visit if you like a quiet, or thriving nightlife. I also see that it has potential for us to look around at other adjoining countries for weekend exploring. It is nice to dream for now!