It is generally assumed that the best time to go out fishing is during the summer season, and this is because the sun is up and the weather is quite favorable for both humans and the fishes. Fish are cold-blooded animals, and they respond positively to an increase in the temperature of the water by swimming up to shallow areas. This allows them to be easily caught compared to the winter season when they are usually at the bottom, bedding down.

However, there is no perfect season for fishing. The fall season can also be a fun time to go out to the lake. Fishing during this season comes with its own advantages as you get to catch some fish species that have the fall season as their peak period of activeness. Another benefit of going out during fall is the beautiful scenery caused by leaves changing colors.

We have some top tips for you if you decide to go out fishing during fall.

Select the best possible location      

Fall marks an essential season for fish, apart from the change in weather and water temperature. Some of the species swim long-distance or change their location to be able to reproduce. They get to spawn their eggs in environments that will be most suitable for breeding the young ones.

This requires you to be strategic about where you want to go for your expedition. You do not want to go to a lake where most of the fish have left. Choosing the best possible location before setting out will increase your chances of coming home with a good catch.

Choosing the right time

The best time to go out during fall is between late morning and early afternoon. This is a period whereby the water temperature has increased a bit, allowing the fish to swim up to shallow parts of the water in search of their next food. You might be lucky if you have your bait ready and handy. They tend to retreat into the deeper parts of the water once it is nearing the evening time as the water becomes colder.

Dressing up for the weather

Your next catch should not be your only concern when you are out during the fall. The weather can be a bit harsh, and you should be prepared for it. The best outfit form should be a comfortable and warm piece of clothing that can endure the cold. If you are out boating, remember not to go too far into the water and not stay too long out there, as it tends to get darker faster than other seasons.

Patience is a virtue

The fish enjoy a still and quiet environment during fall. If you want to increase your chances of having a catch, you should be patient and maintain as much quiet as possible when out on the water.


You do not have to wait until the summer season before setting out again on a fishing expedition. Try out some of these tips during fall.