Vick’s Vaporub has helped our family for many years for congestion but we never knew how much it helped in other ways so I am sharing this with those of you who cannot afford other options because of financial reasons. Yes, I am a firm believer in this product as it has saved us money and worked for our family.

During these last couple of years we have found that our Vick’s Vaporub does more for us for any of our illnesses. Here is what we have tried and it worked!

For cracked heels – we rubbed it on our heels in the morning and at night and even slept with our socks on.

For Decongestant – we rub it not only on our chests but don’t let the cold air get to your chest before you wash it off, and we rub it under our nostrils for better breathing and sleeping.

For a sore throat – we rubbed it on our throats and wore a turtleneck or scarf to bed but again, don’t let the cold air get to your chest before you wash it off.

For coughs – we rubbed it on our feet and covered them with socks to sleep in. It does help to minimize coughing at bedtime.

For headaches – rub a little on your temples and forehead.

For the nail fungus – I have used it on toenails for a week for fungus. (if there is any discoloration it will go away as the nail grows out).

I have friends that have used it on sore muscles, for ear aches and cold sores in which I will be trying next. May everyone have good health in 2022.