So many millennials are as content in their lives as they were two years ago. When times get financially harder we usually try to find a way to cut costs. Sometimes we learn to live more outside the box and/or at home like going fishing, or taking nature walks. Playing games at home was always our fun time also. We learned to enjoy the simpler things in life and when we did, our survival mode kicked in.

I do miss being able to do more with our friends, like going bowling, or to the theatres. We’d meet up with our friends and go dancing, singing (karaoke), play games on the pool tables at the local pub, saloon, or cocktail lounge. We loved going to concerts, sports events, and even school functions. I even missed going to church. Well, life has slowed down for us, hopefully temporarily!

Our health and happiness with what we have and can create have become more necessary lately. Most of us find things to do on our computers and phones these days. We found ways to play word games like scrabble, pool, golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, card games, jigsaw puzzles, dice games, and more. Personally, I like being in a room full of friends playing those types of games in a group. You also can make more friends and laugh more when the one who jokes around the most gets silly.

So, enjoy life with others as it can be so much more fun than doing something by yourself. I found it can be a bit depressing. So, get out there and explore your limitations because life does still go on.