Golf is a great game, no doubt about that. Most long-time players argue that it is the most fantastic game ever. That is not the debate here, as the game is unique to people in different ways. We can generally agree that it is indeed a fantastic game and equally appealing to many people.

As fascinating as the game of golf is, it might be a bit intimidating for a beginner for the following reasons. First, it is pretty hard to start, especially if you have no prior knowledge about the game from when you were younger. You might have to fumble around a bit before beginning to learn the ropes. This experience can be pretty frustrating for a lot of people and make them quit. It is necessary to remember that everyone started at the beginning until they got to whatever stage they are right now.

Another reason why many people don’t want to join the golf game is the relatively expensive cost of buying the needed equipment and using the facilities. As accurate as some of these reasons may sound, it is not enough to quit if you have passion for the game.

Here are some practical tips to help you try out golf as a beginner.

Getting the right equipment

Purchasing golf equipment is not one of the cheapest things to do, and this is why you need to have complete interest in the game before you begin buying the needed equipment. You can take a few trips to the golf course and experience the game, and once you are ready to commit your time to learning it, you can go ahead and buy your equipment.

You do not have to spend an entire fortune on buying your first set of equipment. Some ways of cutting the equipment cost are by renting equipment at the golf course; many centers offer rentals for beginners. You can also go in a group with people; this will allow you to use their equipment. If you are buying your equipment, you do not have to buy the complete set, and you can start by purchasing only the things you need.

Mastering the right posture

Posture is an essential thing for beginners. If you get it right from the beginning, you are on your way to being a superstar. Playing golf in the wrong posture cause injuries as you can easily sprain your wrist or ankles. Proper posture must include the way you grip the club as well as swing it.

Spend enough time practicing

There is no shortcut to mastering golf; you need to devote time to learning the basics and practicing to better yourself. The first place you might want to visit as a beginner is the driving range, as this area gives you enough room to practice before you go ahead with a full golf course. Spend as much time as you need here until you feel ready to take more swings on the course and get better over time.


Learning golf requires time and patience, but you will learn the game well and enjoy it with consistency and dedication.