Camping offers one of the best moments to bond with your families and loved ones, and it is always extra special since you will all leave your familiar environment and be in different terrain. A camp trip is usually recommended at least once a year for families, even if it is just overnight or the type that spans into days.

When it comes to having all the family members at the campsite, including kids, you might need to put in extra effort to ensure the safety of everyone. Kids are known to be an infinite source of energy; to have the best time on the camp, you need to have some rules that will guide them onsite and keep them away from harm.

Here are some of the safety rules we have put together when camping with kids. Enjoy!

Keep shoes on always

This is often a priority list when it comes to keeping kids safe when you are outdoors. You cannot decide when kids move or how often they move; reinforcing the rule of having their shoes on always protects them from danger, and shoes protect them from stepping on sharp stones, poisonous insects, or even slipping.

Avoid running or excessive play

Your campsite is an area you are not entirely familiar with, and you need to set boundaries for your kids to identify safe zones. Preventing them from running around minimizes the risk of getting lost in the woods or missing the set landmarks. Besides getting lost, they are also protected from tripping over ropes, lines, or running into objects.

No unsupervised hiking

You should consistently enforce this for your kids not to go hiking or out of sight without adult supervision. This also includes the use of camp facilities like the pool or other available waterbodies. You can make your kids check in with you before moving around the campsite, and you should give them proper supervision.

Use the buddy system

This is another excellent way of keeping your kids in line when outdoors. You should assign them to a buddy – another camper they have to walk with throughout your stay at the camp. Using the buddy system helps put everyone in check, and you can be assured of their security and location at all times.

No food allowed in the tent

As sneaky as they might be when bringing food and candy into the tent, you need to prevent it. The smell of food items can attract unwanted animals and insects to your tent. Make them understand the importance of this, and ensure they adhere strictly to it.

Respect nature

One of the ways of respecting nature while camping is staying away from animals. Teach your kids not to call or feed animals when spotted at the site. You can make use of binoculars instead of looking at animals from a safe distance.


Safety rules are always important, especially for young campers, to check them and allow maximum safe fun.