You’re having thanksgiving dinner at your family house, and for some reason, you can’t seem to get conversations going because your kids haven’t looked up from their phones all night. As a parent, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to get their kids off their phones to have real conversations that foster familial bonds and relationships. However, there is no running away from the fact that technology has impacted family life positively and negatively.

3 Ways technology can improve family gatherings

From Skype to Facebook, WhatsApp to Twitter, video games, and mobile games, there’s no denying the effect of technology in familial bonding and relationships. As detrimental as technology could be to your precious family time, the following are a few ways embracing technology can benefit family gatherings.

  1. Communication

Technology makes it easier for family members to connect and communicate effectively irrespective of work schedules, extra-curricular activities, chores, and errands. In addition, it allows for families to close large distances between themselves. Adaptive technology is also helpful for members with one disability to still participate in family time activities.

Examples of online platforms where you can have family gatherings are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, and other video conferencing platforms.

  1. Television viewing

Television viewing is something that can be enjoyed when done together as a family and it has a lot of increased benefits of fostering relationships among family members. The experience can also play a role in bringing the family together and positively influencing the time family members spend with each other. Family members can also use media to foster familial relationships by having movie nights, enjoying a common TV series, and having conversations around them. Examples of software that enhances family gatherings virtually include Netflix. You and your loved ones can watch movies together; twitch, a live streaming platform; Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, amongst others.

  1. Documentation of memories

Memories, when revisited, are big mood-boosters, and that feeling of nostalgia could be what you need after a long day. Unfortunately, there is a limitation to what the brain can remember. With your phones or professional cameras, you can capture the dry jokes over a buffet, and it can be made available in an online gallery for everyone.

All these pictures and videos can be placed on the cloud and watched virtually at a selected time by all family members.


In conclusion, technology can be harnessed in so many ways to impact the average family and foster closeness between members positively. Hence, parents should embrace public media and technology to foster growth and relationships and encourage their wards to embrace physical relationships as much as virtual discussions and interactions.

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