This is a product the we have used over 50 years and it works well to not only soften your skin. I love the way my skin feels after I put it on. Bugs have a hard time landing on your oily skin. So, we use it for when we are outdoors.

It also works well to get stickers and tape released from glass. I have personally used it to remove tar from our vehicles. Our vehicles look brand new after we clean it and the bugs dont adhere as easily right away on our headlights. It is gentle on the paint jobs.

It can be used it for a wood protector just like a dust remover. You can even use it on ceiling fans, also around the house, I used it to take melted bread plastic off of the top of my toaster oven once.

I have found a lot of uses for it and will probably find more. Its good to have a back up bottle around the house.

Before I close, when you use Skin So Soft on paint or glass, you may want to keep some Dawn dish soap around to cut the grease left over from it. The two of these items make a great team.