Cocktails are the spice of the party, especially when they are well mixed by an expert. The cocktail is a blend of mixtures, and the goal of a good cocktail is to have the mixture correct, whereby it is not too bitter or too minty.

The good news is that you do not have to be an expert before making nice cocktails, and you don’t have to go to a party before getting served a chilled one. Right from your home, you can make an exotic taste and blend.

The art of making cocktails is special and unique, and it requires paying special attention to the basics and details. We have fine tips here that will help you create a nice blend of cocktails. Sip as you read along.

When making a cocktail, you need to be familiar with the required tools to enhance whatever you are creating. In the case of cocktails, the following are essential:

There is no cocktail without alcohol

Liquor is the most important thing about cocktails, any drink mixture without alcohol is at best a mocktail. Liquor forms the basic part of your drink, and you need a different mixture of it. The choice of liquor to use will depend on your taste or the people who will join you in drinking.

The must-have liquors for your drink include vodka, gin, whiskey, etc. You can have other types of alcohol in your drink based on what you like. Bitters also come in handy here since they set off the flavor for most drinks.

Ice is the second in command

No one wants a hot cocktail; the taste is better, and the whole mixture is more refreshing when ice is present in the drink. Keep a large supply of small-sized ice cubes in a cooler. This makes it easy to add to your drink. Apart from chilling the drink, ice also works to slightly dilute your cocktail; not too much to damage the quality, just enough to provide a smooth taste.

Keep it light and simple

Although preparing the drink comes with many mixtures and additions, you should keep the drink simple and light; you do not want a messy drink that will put off the flavor or taste. Keep the addition simple and smooth. You do not have to add all the available drinks and fruits. Focus on the right blend you want for your drink, and that should determine the ingredients you add to it.

The presentation of your drink also matters; it should be appealing. You can make it look better by simply adding a thin fruit slice at the edge of the cup. The glassware should be fanciful enough to entice the drinker.


Making a cocktail is not rocket science. Once you have the right blend and mixture, you are set to have a tasty drink.