Bowling is a common game, and it is available in a lot of places for fun and recreation. It is not a difficult game to play, but it requires you to maintain a good balance and aim. Once you have mastered the basics, you are on your way to bowling well.

It might be a bit rocky at first while figuring out how to hold and throw the ball. This is often a typical phase for every beginner, but you are set to go once you grasp the basics. Throwing a ball might not be as easy as it seems, but at the same time, it is not the hardest thing in the world to do.

We have listed some of the easy steps to help you master the basics of throwing a bowling ball.

Choosing the right ball

The first thing you have to learn before learning any technique is the size of the balls. You do not want to throw the wrong weight; apart from not getting it right, you can also get injured. You can start by selecting the right ball for yourself, and this can be done by identifying the weight you are most comfortable with.

One quick way of matching weight is assuming that 10 pounds of your weight can hold 1 pound. Assuming that your total body weight is about 160 pounds, then your class of weight should be between 16-17 pounds. This might not be precisely accurate; that is why it is recommended for you to try off different weights till you find the one you are comfortable with. Selecting the best for you will give you improved balance and allow you to have better precision.

Holding the bowling ball

The next thing you want to learn is how to hold the ball properly. Naturally, many people hold the balls by inserting their middle and ring fingers into the finger hole. Another way of holding it is by using the forefinger and middle finger. Any of these styles is fine in as much as you are comfortable holding and releasing the ball. If you are experiencing difficulty releasing it, it might be because your fingers are too deep in the hole. Change your style until you have the perfect grip.

Stepping forward before throwing

The best move for a good throw is moving four steps before the foul line. Alternate your last step foot and your releasing arm. For instance, if your releasing arm is the right one, your last step should be on the left foot; it gives you more room.

Releasing the ball

One trick of releasing the ball is that your thumb points the direction it will go, which means you should only release your thumb after a full swing. Your thumb points the direction of the pin you want the release point to aim at.


This forms the basics of your bowling lesson. If you want to be a pro at it, you must focus on the foundation and practice to master the game.