The art world is a beautiful one, and it is often referred to as the perfect medium to express all imagination of the heart. Every artist doesn’t joke around with the paintbrush as it is seen as an extension of their arms to create beautiful pieces. If you are equally new to the world of painting, you should carefully consider your choice of brush for painting.

When you select the right brush to work with, you are set to create a masterpiece. Even as a beginner, the proper selection will enhance your progress in painting, and you can be a pro in a considerably shorter period.

The question now is, how do you select the best brush for your paint? Check out some of the factors we consider important for making a choice.

The shape of the brush

This is one of the most important features to look out for, and the shape determines how the artwork will turn out at the end. Also, the kind of painting you wish to complete has a say in your decision-making process. The typical examples of brush shapes include the round, square, filbert shape etc. Most complete sets of artists usually have more than one shape, as having different brushstrokes on your canvas provides more versatility to your work.

Shapes like that of the round and script brush are essential for painting out the small details, and they often form the commonly preferred shape of most artists as you can get to do more with them. Other shapes like that of the square are handy as well, and you can always count on them for your straight-line and achieving different painting angles.

Size also matters

The shape is not the only thing that matters when selecting the best brush; choosing the right size is also important. You cannot expect to have a large canvas painting completed using only a small-sized brush, and it will take a long time, and you might not get your desired result. The best bet is for you to make a careful choice in terms of size and shape.

You can have a variation of sizes of the same shape; this will assist you in making complicated and lengthy piece paintings. You can alternate between brushes depending on what you intend to create on your canvas or any other material.

The handle

What makes a good brush better is the grip it has. Having a good grip on your tools will help you have better control when painting, and you can direct the flow of your paint more accurately, achieving your desired image.

We do not believe that having the right choice of brush is the only ingredient needed to create a masterpiece. However, it is a step in the right direction as you are unlikely to create a masterpiece with a terrible choice.


Consider what you need to paint, the color etc., before selecting a brush type. Now that you have the best selection paint away.