Since most of our family and friends are out there now, buying glass
stovetop on their ovens and asking the cleaning solutions to this, we
decided to share what has been proven for us. There are simple
cleaning solutions to remove burnt food and stubborn stains from your
glass stovetop surfaces. We love ours and hope this will help. It is
very hard to keep them looking smooth and shiny if we don’t keep up
with them on a regular basis.
It only takes one boil-over or sauce splatter to lead to burnt residue
on top of your stovetop. If you have one, you know that you cannot
always cut it with a quick wipe down. So, we do not use a scrubber and
use items that we already have in our kitchen. Everyday cleaning after
every use is important for a quick clean. But, you can try this very
easy solution, made in your home the next time you use your stovetop.

Recipe for your solution:
White vinegar
2- microfiber cloths, 1-dry and1-damp (these will not scratch the surface)
Spray bottle

Allow your stovetop to cool completely. Ours has a light indicator to
let us know when it is cool.
Fill the spray bottle with white vinegar
Spray the surface of your stovetop with the vinegar.
Wipe down the stovetop using the damp microfiber cloth.
Buff with the dry microfiber cloth to dry.

You are finished for a daily clean. If you by chance find your
stovetop requires a little more effort because of a spill or splatter,
the fix is pretty easy with other items you may find in your home.

For food residue that seems too hard to remove, try this:

Spray again generously with the vinegar spray, sprinkle baking soda
over the sprayed area to help with the breakdown of the burnt residue.
Dampen an old bath towel with hot water.
Place the damp bath towel over the surface of the stovetop.
Let it sit for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove the towel and wipe off the stovetop with the damp microfiber cloth.
The baking soda is a mild and natural non-abrasive product that you
can use on anything, without scratching the surface it is used on.
Once you remove all the baking soda there are only three more steps.
Use a razor blade to remove any leftover spill residue and wipe away
with the damp cloth.
Buff with the dry microfiber cloth to dry.
Mine always looks good as new.