I am a mother of 2 children of whom have moved into adult life and live on their own now. We love to go fishing on weekends when we all can get together. My daughter loves fishing more that my son but loves to spend time as a family when we can. We make time for dinners together when possible and still play games. Making time together as a family affair is always a blessing.

I have an excellent fisherman mate that has taught me many things about fishing and catching. We find places that have fresh running water at inlets and oxbows. We always start with small hooks and baits like rubber worms or lizards. Small mouth bass fishing is our favorite idea of a good catch, but love the taste of Crappie too. Sometimes we even catch trout, channel catfish, bream, bluegill, sunfish. We use bigger baits for larger fish at larger fishing holes, like rivers or lakes looking for large mouth bass, pickerel.

We have even been known to catch Gar but don’t put our fingers in their mouths….oh no, for they have very sharp teeth. Sometimes we end up with Carp but end up putting them back into the water.