It is not uncommon to find foreigners asking about what restaurant is best to go to for a meal. If you are traveling to a new place, it is normal to be skeptical about where to eat since you do not know much about the food culture of your new environment. Your best choice is going for a good restaurant that offers excellent dining service of foods you are familiar with or closely related.

Here are some of the top ways we suggest in finding a great restaurant while traveling.

Ask around

You can never go wrong by asking around, and if you find yourself in a new country or region, your most reliable option is asking. You might be lucky and find someone from your region who understands your food needs and can point you in the right direction.

If you ask people, you can know what kind of cuisine you will get in that environment and speculate the cost of each restaurant. There are tour guides or offices in strategic positions placed in some countries that can help guide you to the best spot.

Always come prepared

One thing you should always avoid is coming to a new place without information. This is a digital and more modern age, with access to the internet. Most restaurants around the world have their business listed online with descriptions about the kind of service they offer and their menu.

Doing your research beforehand will make you better prepared for the new area. You can easily locate the restaurants you have previously researched. In some cases, you can go as far as calling them beforehand to seek more information.

Avoid the tourist trap

There is every tendency that you might be exploited once you are perceived as a foreigner, and they might double the average cost of purchasing food. To avoid the tourist or foreigner trap, you should avoid prominent or popular restaurants in the city’s heart; the risk of exploitation is always higher here.

Walk with the locals

The residents of your new area can make your stay more comfortable. You should try to make friends with the locals as soon as you can. They know a lot of place, including where you can get good food.

Take a walk around the city

If you are going to be staying for a long time, you should get familiar with the environment. By taking evening strolls, you can mentally identify excellent restaurants around the city that you might want to try. As much as you want to travel the city, you should also adhere to the safety rules provided for you, and there are different regulations for different countries, so ensure to comply with the rules and be safe.


One of the things you need on arrival to a different region is a good restaurant that can satisfy your food needs. We hope you get one easily on your next trip using these tips.