Home decoration is a field getting more recognition ever than before. To be candid, it is not a venture you can randomly dabble into if you have no residual knowledge, no matter how much you like design. It is a field with exclusive characteristics that must be perfectly understood.

With home decoration or interior design, you do not have to stuff items haphazardly in the name of making them look beautiful. Instead, you need to pay attention to specific details and elements such as Color, Form, light, line, pattern, texture, and space.

7 Features of home decoration

The following features should be taken note of when decorating your home.

  1. Color

Colors convey meanings deeper than their literal appearance, and it goes beyond aesthetic choice or taste. Colors are replete with the capability to influence feelings, mood, and our mental senses.

So, when you are about to choose your colors, be sure to pick colors that resonate with your mood for inspiration and relaxing better.

  1. Form

Forms can be in two ways – organic and geometric forms. The former is natural and irregular shapes with curvy or abstract shapes, and the latter are common forms like squares, triangles, and so on.

  1. Light

You must make sure your home is not too dark and too bright. You could get light from two different sources: natural and artificial. When choosing light, you must take into consideration the color of the light and its intensity.

  1. Line

Lines are perimeters patterned on a form or shape. Your choice of the lines to use can affect your mental senses, just like colors. For instance, vertical (up and down) can express boldness while horizontal (side by side) can arouse a feeling of protection or security. There are also dynamic lines that follow no set of rules and can be aesthetically appealing.

  1. Pattern

The pattern of your home decoration affects its outlook. You should not make the mistake of oversimplifying your design to be complex. What you need is to be creative with your allocation of lines and the intensity of their patterns. A complex pattern can look too chaotic and highly disorganized.

  1. Texture

Texture weighs the way an object appears, how an object reacts to the sense of touch and how to feel it.  Sometimes, we determine their thickness or thinness by looking at objects precisely what texture means. Texture can be vital to your flooring, most especially.

  1. Space

One of the essential elements of a good home design is space. Spaces give a fluid account of a good design. Stuffing too many objects as part of home decoration can appear too complicated and make the whole space look crowded. To enjoy the best of your home decoration, keep the spaces preserved.


The elements of design are essential parts of your home decoration that you can afford to neglect. All elements contain an integral value to both the physical and mental outlook of your home.