All, Dawn dish soaps are convenient and useful for so many reasons. We love it, as it is truly the best cleaners in our home. We not only use it to clean our dishes, the Dawn Platinum powerwash works well on hard water deposits and mildew in the shower. We also use it on our siding outside on the north side of our home. When the mildew plays hard to get, we use diluted bleach in spray bottles, where we have no foliage below the areas that we are spraying (we have tan colored siding). The antibacterial Dawn works well also.

We learned if you come in contact with poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac,
it helps to use cold water and Dawn to wash the oils from the plants off your body. You have to wash with it immediately. If that does not help your next options are you can use Cold water, Technu Wash and spray as that is what the hunters use here where we live. Using those items together kept me several times out of the doctors office. Of course, it took me two times to figure it out. So, I am sharing one of my best kept secrets to rid painful rashes. I do hope you will contact your doctor immediately though to let them know that there is an issue just in case it gets worse.

Our last test with Dawn Platinum powerwash was the cleaning of our stove. Oven cleaners can be toxic, so, we sprayed the inside of our oven and walked away to do other chores and after about 30 minutes in a cold oven over 50% was wiped out. Honestly, it did not take much to use a one sided razor to scrape the rest out, and the last time it looked this good was in 2013. It cleaned a bit better than the last oven cleaner I used so I plan to go toxic free from now on! No more bad smells!