I am sharing this with all of you because a lot of our friends cannot believe how we catch fish in the smallest of streams. It is good to know that fish can be found in a lot of bodies of water, big or small, where moving water is always a good thing and fish will hide under lily pads also.

Nothing like success at found honey holes! We have had lots of luck this last year with finding a few fishing holes that were made of ?honey? ?We finally found new fishing poles, rubber baits and fishing lines that helped us also. I use one type of line and my better half uses another. Of course, he is a better, more experienced fisherman. But, I have an awesome teacher! I mostly just get lucky enough to catch the biggest one. “hahahahaha”

This picture has only one Crappie in it and the rest are 3 different types of Bass that we caught in one day. No, we didn’t catch them all in one place as we do have more than one fishing lake, river, culvert pipe, and a few ponds that we favor. But we did catch them in one day. Plus, we thank the lord who always helps us out with his blessings. Amen!