We here at TandA homes, use Clorox Bleach like everyone else in their laundry, for your white clothes. But, we also fould out that it can also be used in your bath tub, to bleach white or clear shower curtains, just soak mostly, lightly scrub and hang back up to dry. We use it regularly to clean our kitchen and bathroom sinks to control and rid mold, mildew or algae, it doesnt take much and be sure to read the directions for that.
The newest thing that I learned about Clorox Bleach is that it works well to help remove algae from the siding off the north side of our house.
We do not have a pressure washer so, I used a floor mop.
Just remember to be careful of your foliage that would be in the area that you are working in as bleach can be toxic to your flowers.