I have spent a lot of time on personalizing presents since this is the first year of my retirement. This is a diamond painting made with diamond dotz. They come in round or square. This is my most recent completion. It does take patience and determination but the good part is, anyone can do it at all ages. The final picture is what warms the heart and there are so many choices out there. I chose this one specifically because I have a cousin that loves wolves.

Basically, everything comes in the kits when you buy them along with the directions.

Taking time to do partial parts of the picture at a time is very important. The diamond dotz needs glue to stay on the canvas so when you buy it, the canvas already has the glue on it. You just peel back the amount of the plastic covering off the picture that you have the time to work on and leave the rest of the plastic covering on it to keep it from drying out or gathering dust. Everything you need is in each kit but if you run out of something, the arts and crafts department sells individual parts also. Yes, the charts are on the canvas as to what colors I used to make this beauty.

I love receiving handmade gifts and my family loves them also. They make memories last a long time in our lives, and you can too.